Sponsor Information

Although JSO is non-profit organization, we accept financial supports from our generous sponsors.

For any questions with regard to sponsorship, please email to hakozaki.1@osu.edu

Gold Sponsors


Yamato Transport USA., Inc is a fully owned subsidiary of Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd., the number one company in the parcel express home delivery service in Japan. We support our customers' cross border business with fully maintained logistics, air freight service, marine freight service, customs brokerage service, customer relocation service, and express parcel delivery service.

Global Touch

We support your encounter with Japanese excellent companies and your career paths in Japan.

Silver Sponsors


The Japan-America Society of Central Ohio is a private non-profit membership association of Americans and Japanese who desire to bring the Japanese and American communities together, promote goodwill through the sharing of knowledge about Japan, and provide a forum for informed discussion regarding the Japan-U.S. relationship.

Kikoku GO

帰国GO.comは、求人サイト仕事探し.comを運営するGlobal Career Partners Inc.が、留学生のために2006年に立ち上げた留学生就職サポートサービス事業です。アメリカ在住の日本の就職情報に精通した就職カウンセラーが、大学でのセミナーや丁寧な個別のカウンセリングによる就職サポートを行います。

Bronze Sponsors

Fukuryu Ramen

In addition to our classic ramen menu, Fukuryu Ramen offers a modern ramen menu with Signature items such as Red Dragon Ramen and Black Dragon Ramen that are not available anywhere else! A visit to Fukuryu Ramen will open your eyes to the exciting culture of ramen and casual Japanese food!